Active Hospitals/Clinics under our Insurance!

As we are all cognizant of the prevailing epidemiological situation in our country and region, and based on an investigative survey performed by the HR Department to medical centers under our insurance, please be informed that the below health facilities are still operational and functional despite all the hullabaloos.

Hospital/Clinic Name Location

Hospital/Clinic Name Location
SDA Cooper Hospital 12th Street, Sinkor
ELWA Hospital Paynesville
Mawah Clinic Vai Town
Government Hospital Buchanan
Arcelor mittal Hospital Buchanan
MASGO Clinic Jacob Town Paynesville
GerLib Clinic 72nd, Paynesville
Catholic Hospital Monrovia & Buchanan

Please build the courage to visit these facilities mentioned if your experience any sickness. You have a better chance of survival if you visit a health center when you feel sick.

Remember, EBOLA is REAL….. It’s Deadly and it spreads rapidly.

Always take necessary preventive measures.